New generator HG-101 version MKII

datalogger humidity calibrator

The advantages of the HG-101

. Very fast
. Setpoint stability
. Homogeneity in temperature and humidity
. Modular
. Portable
. Free Windows and Android app software

Already highly appreciated for the temperature uniformity of its interchangeable measuring chambers, the MKII version of the HG-101 has further improved its stability and response time.

In the laboratory or in the field, the HG-101 humidity calibrator is more than ever the ideal tool for calibrating recorders or probes for measuring relative humidity.

New RDSa dilutor and 24 bit converters

In order to further reduce the response time and improve the stability of the setpoints, the mixture profiles and volumes have been reviewed and optimized. In addition, a new Hall effect position sensor is implemented to ensure better accuracy and repeatability. The electronic board now includes high-resolution 24-bit CAN converters. It should be noted that users of previous versions will be able to benefit from an upgrade program.

Calibration of humidity probes and sensors

Whatever the diameter of the cylindrical probes, we offer a wide range of adapters whose sealing is ensured by a double O-ring seal and the simplest installation thanks to a tool provided. Calibration of relative humidity probes with ease.

New performance for response time and stability

. Average response time: 42 seconds
. Setpoint stability: ±0.1% standard deviations

We present the results of a test performed from the new HG-101 version MK2. The protocol is based on 10 points between 5 and 95% at a temperature of 20°C. The points are 95 ; 5 ; 10 ; 10 ; 20 ; 40 ; 60 ; 80 ; 90 ; 95 ; 10 % RH. The setup time for each point is 5 minutes, then 2 minutes. It can be seen that the response time is on average 42 seconds per step and that the stability of the setpoints is less than 0.1% rh in standard deviations.

Dataloggers calibration

Of course, the HG-101 keep its modular design, which allows the user to easily change the measuring chamber and thus adapt the test volume to the size of the measuring devices or autonomous recorders. The HG-101-CH127 chamber allows the installation and calibration of dataloggers and a transparent window, placed on the front panel, allows to easily visualize the evolution of the measurements for hygrometers equipped with a local display.