Data Loggers Calibration- wireless relative humidity recorder

Whether your datalogger is a cylindrical type or a large display screen or wireless version with an RF antenna, you will be able to perform a calibration with high stability and low uncertainty.

Relative humidity transmitter probes

Regardless of the diameter of the cylindrical probes to be calibrated, we propose an adapter that will allow a robust, efficient and waterproof positioning on the generator. Here again, the replacement of these adapters is easy to achieve thanks to a tool provided with the HG-101.

Validation of the measuring chamber

Fensor offers, as an option, the validation of the test chamber according to standard EN-60068 and FD X 15-140. The service is carried out with a MBW 473 cooled mirror hygrometer and an MBW T12 multichannel temperature measurement system equipped with 9 PT100 1/10 DIN. MBW calibration is a special Fensor partner for reference equipement. We provide a validation report done with ISO 17025 accredited devices for the HG-101 and mainly for the text chamber size of your choice.

Calibration and adjustment and of the control probe

The internal relative humidty probe, capacitive type, may be subject to a slight drift, inherent in the embedded sensor technology. If needed, the user can easily  calibrate and adjust it – In order to avoid the management of a difference between the set-point and the actual measurement – .Obviously there is no effect for repeatability anyway.

Gecko Software

In order to automate the calibrations, the use of the Gecko software makes it possible to program operating sequences of the humidity generator. The user can create a profile composed of values by specifying the duration of each relative humidity values generated. In addition, if a condensation hygrometer, reference, the software will record the operation of the HG-101 and the measurements from the MBW 473 cooled mirror hygrometer. Then a file can be used as a spreadsheet for traceability and analyze.

LabVIEW compatible

Fensor offers drivers for controlling the HG-101 through National Instruments LabVIEW software. This will make it easy to integrate the HG-101 into a complex environment such as a test bench or calibration bench.