HRE-101 replaced by HG-101

Our first-ever HRE-101 portable humidity generator is now permanently replaced by the new HG-101. If the first generation of humidity calibrators, the HRE-101, launched in November 2014, met a warm welcome thanks to its metrological performances, Fensor introduces its successor, a new HG-101 with many improvements.

Of course, this new model keep all the characteristics appreciated by users and metrologists. Indeed the construction is modular and allows to easily replace the measuring chamber to adapt its volume to the size and shape of humidity dataloggers to calibrate. Its architecture ensures excellent temperature uniformity in the test chamber. Depending on the reference hygrometer technology used, an uncertainty in relative humidity of up to ± 0.6% RH because temperature uniformity is ± 0, 02 ° C.

On the other hand, the HG-101 is based on an high efficiency patented dilution system that does not use a liquid water tank. It can be transported, handled and operated avoiding any risk of “flooding”. Regarding the control of the set points, the user can always use a mechanical keyboard on the front panel of the instrument but he can also connect an USB cable to a Windows computer or an Android tablet / smartphone in order to remote the control the instrument. Therefore the generator can be installed into a thermal chamber controlled in-between 5 and 50 ° C, then controlled from outside. In addition, this new generator improves its reliability by using 24-bit converters and a new Hall effect sensor. If you want to upgrade your HRE-101 do not hesitate to contact us.