new test chamber for humidity generator HG-101

Fensor introduces its new chamber HG-101-CH127 which completes the test chambers range, HG-101-CH7 and HG-101-CH135. It can fit to an existing HG-101 humidity generator as an accessory because it remains totally removable. This new model has a 127 mm diameter gate dedicated to calibration of data loggers and 6 ports for relative humidity probes calibration which makes this test chamber the most versatile of the range.

The 127 mm diameter port allows the insertion of relative humidity and temperature data loggers, even those with a large size. The HG-101-CH127 will also be used to calibrate wall mounting humidity transmitters. The transparent cover will allow to read the measurements display during the verification and calibration operations. It especially efficient for equipment that does not have analog output or digital port.

In addition, 5 M24 thread ports can receive the whole range of existing adapters. Then it will be possible to accommodate with the humidity probes of all the manufacturers.  A sixth M30 threaded gate allows to fit probes with larger diameter but mainly to install a chilled mirror as a reference hygrometer (whatever the brand).

Its construction is optimized to ensure a very good uniformity of the temperature on the whole volume. The inner surface is especially treated to improve hygroscopic properties and thus maintain the response time that makes our calibration equipment the fastest and most stable on the market.

test chamber for datalogger humidity calibration

How to install the chamber on the HG-101 humidity calibrator