Portable Humidity Calibration Test Equipment: 1,2,3, it is ready!

In the field, no preparation before use. Simply slide the cartridges into their homes and provide power to start calibrations without delay. In the same way, once your calibration campaign is over, it will be enough to store the cartridges in their containers for the sole purpose of preserving their effectiveness for the next use.

Robust and practical

The user is exempted from any form of precaution on the ground because, without water, he will never be exposed to the risk of drowning the circuit and no need for any emptying after use. In addition, its metal structure gives it unparalleled robustness and an ergonomic storage case protects it during transport.


The generator is completely autonomous because it does not require any particular gas supply or water in liquid form. Indeed, the Humidity Generator HG-101 has two removable cartridges: one containing silica gel, used to dry some of the air contained in the chamber and the other containing a simple wet sponge, serves to saturate moisture with another portion of the air.

The operating cost of the generator is, therefore, limited to replacing the desiccant. Desiccant, whose life is increased thanks to the operation of the optimized dilution module RDSa. In addition, when the silica gel can, when its efficiency decreases can easily regenerate by exposing it, in an oven, at a temperature of 130 ° C for 2 hours.

Portable battery

The HG-101 can run on 5 volts battery connected on it USB port. Thank to a very low power consumption, an external 800mA batterry, a smartphone or a tablet can provide enough power to the humidity generator for more than 10 hours. Moreover, it should be noted that an OTG cable (provided) will let  the user connect and control the generator with the Android apps HG-101 lite installed on a smartphone or tablet. See also the HG-101 lite app on Google Play-store.