Humidity Calibrator and Humidity Calibrator Manufacturer

Fensor designs, manufactures and distributes scientific equipment for gas calibration, qualification and analysis. Fensor is an independent company based in Paris, France. Fensor is experiencing strong growth, particularly internationally. The company created in 2014 is based on the skills of a team with nearly 20 years in the field of instrumentation, measurements and more particularly in the field of humidity.

Fensor develop tools to enable the verification and calibration of hygrometers and absolute and relative humidity sensors, humidity Calibrator and transmitters.

Our engagements

Innovation, quality, ergonomics and performance are the commitments Fensor has made to the products it markets and the services Like Humidity Calibrator it provides.

Our requirement

Uncompromising on the quality of equipment, we select and control them with rigor. We guarantee the constant and irreproachable quality of our products by means of control of the assembly of each of our instruments. Our portable humidity calibration instruments complies with European Directive 2014/32 / EU of 26 February 2014 for measuring instruments.

Environmentally friendly

Concerned with the safeguarding of the planet, we favor as soon as possible the recyclable materials, in our working environment as for our products.

Our products are made in France and we favor short circuits. Thus our subcontractors are preferably French and European producers.

Our laboratory contributes to reducing our environmental impact through the use of optimized catalytic generators with double flow circulation.


Verification and calibration processes are tracked, recorded and secured in our GPAO ISOPLAN 6 Management and Supervision System in compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulations. Thus we maintain a metrological history for each of the instruments manufactured as well as for all of our testing facilities.

Metro-logical performances

Fensor humidity calibrators and humidity generators are designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding metrologists, but besides the main quantities, we make sure that the external parameters do not interfere with the measured. The design of our generators guarantees optimal metrological performance in terms of stability and uniformity. They are ideally suited for both laboratory and field use, such as those on pharmaceutical production lines or test benches.

On the other hand all of our test facilities are connected to the ISO 17025 national laboratories.