Principle of operation of the humidity generator HG-101

The HG-101 is a relative dry air and saturated air relative humidity generator based on the patented RDSa dilution system. The innovation of the RDSa module is reflected, among other things, by the absence of a liquid water tank for the saturator but also by its ability to generate a relative humidity with a response time of few seconds and over an operating range of 5 to 95 %.

Versatile moisture generator

The HG-101 Relative Humidity Generator is a tool for calibrating not only relative humidity probes, but also dataloggers recorders of humidity and temperature measurements. It is also suitable for wall-mounted relative humidity sensors as well as for display indicators thanks to a transparent window for measurements reading.

Validation of the measurement chamber

Designed as a temperature equalization block to ensure the best uniformity in the test volume, the HG-101 will limit relative humidity differences. In fact, the validation carried out according to French NFX 15-140 and international EN-60068 standards show maximum dispersion between 0.3 and 0.7% relative humidity.

Modular design

Indeed, its modular design allows the technicians responsible for calibrations to be able to change the test chamber according to the size of the devices to be calibrated. It will take a few seconds and a screwdriver to replace the chamber intended for calibrating the probes (ref: HG-101-CH7) to the chamber for autonomous recorders (ref: HG-101-CH135).

USB compatible

A single USB interface is used to power and control the generator. You can order instructions from your smartphone through a dedicated and free app available on the Google Play-store.

We also offer two software versions for Windows. A simple control version HG-101 lite and a version with a profiler and data logging. Both are free by request.

Standard hygrometer

Although equipped with a high quality humidity sensor and used for the control of set points, we recommended to use an external reference hygrometer. For this it is possible to use  a capacitive type hygrometer or a condensation hygrometer. Moreover, one of the ports present on the chamber allows the installation of a cooled mirror measuring head.